Council for the Promotion of the World Heritage Inscription of Jomon Prehistoric Sites


  • Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku -Working for Inscription on the World Heritage List- [April 2019]


  • Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku [written both in Japanese and English, June 2019]
  1. Historic Ofune Site(PDF:4.88MB)
  2. Historic Kakinoshima Site(PDF:4.41MB)
  3. Historic site Kiusu Earthwork Burial Circles(PDF:5.03MB)
  4. Historic site Kitakogane Shell Midden(PDF:3.98MB)
  5. Historic site Irie–Takasago Shell Midden(PDF:4.52MB)
  6. Special historic Sannai-Maruyama Site(PDF:4.41MB)
  7. Historic Komakino Site(PDF:7.53MB)
  8. Historic Omori-Katsuyama Site(PDF:4.16MB)
  9. Historic Korekawa Site(PDF:5.73MB)
  10. Historic site Tagoyano Shell Midden(PDF:4.69MB)
  11. Historic Kamegaoka Site(PDF:4.43MB)
  12. Historic Odai-Yamamoto Site(PDF:5.27MB)
  13. Historic site Futatsumori Shell Midden(PDF:4.92MB)
  14. Historic Goshono Site(PDF:5.21MB)
  15. Special historic site Oyu Stone Circles(PDF:4.30MB)
  16. Historic Isedotai Site(PDF:4.18MB)
  17. Historic Washinoki Site(PDF:4.23MB)
  18. Historic site Choshichiyachi Shell Midden(PDF:5.10MB)


  • Tour Map [March 2020]
  • 【Front side / Recommended Rotes】
    ・All areas  Japanese(PDF:14.8MB) | English(PDF:13.1MB) 
    ・The front cover and the back cover  Japanese(PDF:1.55MB) | English(PDF:1.42MB)
    ・Area A in Aomori City and Sotogahama Town  Japanese(PDF:2.05MB) | English(PDF:1.84MB)
    ・Area B in Hirosaki City and Tsugaru City  Japanese(PDF:2.25MB) | English(PDF:2.07MB)
    ・Area C in Hachinohe City and Shichinohe City  Japanese(PDF:2.25MB) | English(PDF:2.07MB)
    ・Area D in Ichinohe Town / Area E in Kazuno City and Kitaakita City  Japanese(PDF:3.06MB) | English(PDF:2.31MB)
    ・Area F in Chitose City, Date City and Toyako Town  Japanese(PDF:2.05MB) | English(PDF:1.89MB)
    ・Area G in Hakodate City and Mori Town  Japanese(PDF:2.83MB) | English(PDF:2.71MB)

    【Back side / Map】
    ・All  Japanese(PDF:17.2MB) | English(PDF:16.8MB)
    ・Top right of the map  Japanese(PDF:13.1MB) | English(PDF:13.0MB)
    ・Top left of the map  Japanese(PDF:11.3MB) | English(PDF:11.2MB)
    ・Bottom right of the map  Japanese(PDF:7.04MB) | English(PDF:6.95MB)
    ・Bottom left of the map  Japanese(PDF:6.86MB) | English(PDF:6.76MB)

Jomon Prehistoric Sites

Ofune Site, Kakinoshima Site (Hakodate City)

Kitakogane Shell Midden (Date City)

  • Kitakogane Shell Mound [pamphlet, March 2013]

Sannai-Maruyama Site (Aomori Prefecture)

Komakino Site (Aomori City)

Omori-Katsuyama Site (Hirosaki City)

Isedotai Site (Kitaakita City)

Proposing Prefectures


Aomori Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture

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