Logo for the Jomon Archaeological Sites

Logo for the Jomon
Prehistoric Sites

The four prefectures of Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate and Akita have strengthened their concerted efforts for the inscription of the Jomon prehistoric sites on the World Heritage List, and have established a logo to further lend momentum and promote the Jomon sites.

Please use this logo widely in various situations to promote the efforts made for the inscription of the Jomon sites on the World Heritage List (application necessary to use the logo).

Description of the Logo

  • The logo represents Jomon pottery and the shapes of Hokkaido and Tohoku, which are connected with a spiral pattern symbolizing the power of the Jomon period.
  • Red lacquer color, which is found in lacquerware and pottery in the Jomon period, is used for the figure, and the darker parts of the gradation represent areas with sites included in the property.
  • The Japanese characters “縄” and “文” (縄文 means “Jomon”) are arranged on each side of the design, with the words “JOMON JAPAN” below. The word “JAPAN” also means “lacquer.”

Where to Apply

Secretariat Office for the Promotion of the World Heritage Inscription of Jomon Prehistoric Sites
(World Cultural Heritage Registration Promotion Office, Planning and Regulation Division, Aomori Prefectural Government)

Nagashima 1-chome 1-1, Aomori, Aomori, 030-8570
Tel: 017-734-9183 / +81-17-734-9183
E-mail: sekaiisan*pref.aomori.lg.jp
*Please use “@” in the place of “*” to send an e-mail.

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