Jomon Archaeological Sites

The Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku are located in Hokkaido and northern Tohoku regions in the Japanese archipelago, both of them are across the Tsugaru Strait. There are 18 sites in all, featuring remnants (e.g., settlements, shell middens, wetlands) that provide vivid insights into Jomon people’s living situations as well as numerous monuments (e.g., stone circles, earthwork burial circles) that highlight the rituals and spiritual activities performed in different phases of the Jomon period (Incipient, Initial, Early, Middle, Late and Final).

Many of the sites have rich natural environments including vegetation and terrain reminiscent of the Jomon period. Artifacts showing the status of excavations along with potsherds, clay figurines and other artifacts representing the masterpieces created by Jomon people are on display in nearby guidance facilities and museums.
Why not visit the Jomon sites and see how Jomon people lived?

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Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku

Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku

Historic Ofune Site Historic Kakinoshima Site Historic site Kiusu Earthwork Burial Circles Historic site Kitakogane Shell Midden Historic Washinoki Site Historic site Irie-Takasago Shell Midden Special historic Sannai-Maruyama Site Historic Komakino Site Historic Omori-Katsuyama Site Historic site Choshichiyachi Shell Midden Historic Korekawa Site Historic site Tagoyano Shell Midden Historic Kamegaoka Site Historic Odai-Yamamoto Site Historic site Futatsumori Shell Midden Historic Goshono Site Special Historic site Oyu Stone Circles Historic Isedotai Site

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Points to Note for Site Inspection

  • No cars, motorbikes or bicycles are allowed on the sites.
  • Stay within the designated areas.
  • Refrain from eating and drinking while viewing the sites.
  • Pets are not allowed on the sites (except guide dogs, service dogs and hearing dogs).
  • Please take trash home.
  • Smoking is prohibited on all sites except in designated areas.
  • Follow the instructions set by individual sites and guidance facilities.

Thank you for your support in helping to pass these precious treasures on to future generations.

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