Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture

Kamegaoka Burial Site

Designated as a historic site on June 26, 1944

Time division - Final
Front view of the Kamegaoka Site

Front view of the Kamegaoka Site

This is a settlement site with wetlands from the Final Jomon period (approx. 1,000 – 300 BCE). It straddles a hill at an altitude of 7 to 18 m (the Kameyama area) and the surrounding low-lying wetlands at an altitude of 3 to 4 m (the Omi-Nosawa area to the north and the Sawane area to the south) along the left bank of the Iwaki River on the Tsugaru Peninsula in western Aomori Prefecture.

A graveyard with mounds and pit graves containing dedicated items and burial artifacts has been discovered in the Kameyama plateau area, and many finished and unfinished fine pottery pieces, clay figurines, plant objects and jade beads have been unearthed in the low-lying wetlands. The outstanding material-based culture of the Final Jomon period (as exemplified by the pottery and clay figurines found here) is known as Kamegaoka culture – a name derived from this site.

Among the artifacts unearthed at the site, a large clay figurine (designated as a nationally important cultural property) found in the Sawane area in 1887 is well known for the expression of its eyes, earning it the description of a “goggle-eyed clay figurine.” It is seen as a relic representative of Japan’s Jomon culture, and is widely recognized internationally along with pottery excavated in the area. The evident production of goggle-eyed clay figurines and other clay figures at the Kamegaoka Site provides a clear insight into rituals, rites and permanent settlements as elements of the Jomon culture.

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Basic Information

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Site Location

Kizukuri Tateoka, Tsugaru, Aomori prefecture

Facility Exhibiting Excavated Articles

Tsugaru City Kizukuri Kamegaoka Archaeological Material
Kizukuri Tateoka Byobuzan 195, Tsugaru, Aomori prefecture, 038-3283
0173-42-3450 / +81-17-342-3450
Tsugaru City Kizukuri Kamegaoka Archaeological Material
9:00 – 16:00
Day after national holidays
Year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 3)
[Individuals] 200 yen (100 yen)
[High school/university students] 100 yen (50 yen)
[Elementary/junior high school students] 50 yen (20 yen)
*The figures in brackets indicate admission fees per person for groups of 15 or more.
■15 min. on foot from the Konan Bus Tateoka stop
■15 min. on foot from the Konan Bus Tateoka stop
Map of the Kamegaoka Site (Japanese, PDF:1.07MB)


Social Education and Culture Division, Tsugaru City Board of Education

Kizukuri Wakamidori 52, Tsugaru, Aomori prefecture, 038-3138
0173-49-1194 / +81-17-439-1194
Social Education and Culture Division, Tsugaru City Board of Education
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Tsugaru City Kamegaoka Archaeological Collections (KARCO)

Display of artifacts excavated from Tsugaru City sites.

Kizukuri Wakamidori 59-1, Tsugaru, Aomori prefecture, 038-3138
0173-42-6490 / +81-17-342-6490

Tsugaru City Morita Historical and Folklore Museum

This facility exhibits artifacts excavated from Tsugaru City’s Ishigami Site, representing cylindrical pottery culture, and locally unearthed materials highlighting the Kamegaoka culture of the Final Jomon period.

Tsukimino 340-2, Morita, Morita-cho, Tsugaru, Aomori prefecture, 038-2816
0173-26-2201 / +81-17-326-2201
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