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Washinoki Site

Designated as a historic site on January 26, 2006

Time division - Late
Washinoki Site (before the expressway was opened in 2011)

Washinoki Site (before the expressway was opened in 2011)

This site is composed mainly of a stone circle and a circular pit cemetery (mass grave) that had been constructed on a river bed at an altitude of 70 m, approximately 1 km inland from the coast of Funka Bay, in the earlier phase of the Late Jomon period (approx. 2,000 BC).

This stone circle with a diameter of 36.9 m and a minor axis of 33.8 m is the largest in Hokkaido, and is almost circular. It is composed of double outer stone circles and an oval stone arrangement at the center. The number of stones used amounts to 602, and most of them have a flat cylindrical shape with an average length of 30 to 40 cm. There is regularity in that the outer ring is made by connecting the long axes of stones while the inner ring is arranged with the long axes pointing toward the center of the stone circle. Most of the stones are buried in the ground standing upright or at an incline. The nearest source of the stones is thought to be the mouth of the Katsura River, about 1 km away from the site.

The circular pit cemetery is located 5 m south of the stone circle. Within the pit of 11.6 by 9.2 m, there are seven pits graves and four shallow pits. The pit graves have a diameter of 1 to 2.3 m and a depth of 30 to 90 cm. The sedimentary soil and buried accessories in them indicate that they were graves, while the shallow pits are thought to have been used for placing dedicated items and tomb posts.

The stone circle and the circular pit cemetery had been covered by volcanic ash from Mt. Komaga-take, which erupted in the Edo period (1603–1867). They are thus well preserved, exhibiting the society of the time and the spiritual world of the Jomon people.

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Washinoki-cho, Morimachi, Kayabe-gun, Hokkaido

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