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Goshono Site

Designated as a historic site on December 21, 1993

Time division - Middle
Reconstructed dwelling with soil roof in Higashi Village

Reconstructed dwelling with soil roof in Higashi Village

This large-scale settlement site from the latter half of the Middle Jomon period (approx. 2,500 – 2,000 BC) is located on a fluvial terrace at an altitude of 190 to 200 m on the east bank of the Mabechi River in northern Iwate Prefecture.

At the center of the settlement was a graveyard with stone arrangements that was encircled by pit dwellings, pillar-supported buildings and earthwork mounds related to rituals. Pit dwellings were also located densely in the eastern and western outer parts. The Goshono Site provides concrete material evidence of long-term stable settlements created by the people of the time, and represents outstanding phased proof of systematic land use in harmony with natural surroundings.

Burned animal bones, plant seeds and clay objects considered to be ritual remains have been intensively excavated from the earthwork mounds in addition to pottery and stone tools, suggesting the performance of fire-based rituals such as offering ceremonies.

Several groups of pit graves are located on flattened land, and stone arrangements measuring 2 or 3 m in diameter are found around the individual graves. The stone formations consist of two circular arrangements measuring 30 to 40 m in diameter in the eastern and western areas. These arrangements are encircled by pillar-supported buildings, creating a distinctive ritual space together with surrounding colonnades and single pillars.

The pit dwellings are known to have been based on individual units of one large dwelling and three to five middle- and small-scale dwellings, which has prompted research on the residential segregation of large families. Some pit dwellings were burned down and abandoned, and investigation has revealed that the dwellings at the site had roofs covered with soil.

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Basic Information

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Site Location

Goshono, Iwadate, Ichinohemachi, Iwate prefecture

Facility Exhibiting Excavated Articles

Goshono Jomon Museum
Goshono 2, Iwadate, Ichinohemachi, Ninohe-gun, Iwate prefecture
0195-32-2652 / +81-19-532-2652
Goshono Jomon Park
9:00 – 17:00 (last admission: 16:30)
Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday)
Day after national holidays
Year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 3)
[Individuals] adults: 300 yen; high school/university students: 200 yen; elementary/junior high school students: 150 yen
(Groups 20 or more): adults: 250 yen; high school/university students: 150 yen; elementary/junior high school students: 100 yen
■15 min. by car from JR Ninohe Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line
■5 min. south on National Route 4 from Ichinohe IC on the Tohoku Expressway Hachinohe Route
■5 min. by taxi from Ichinohe Station on the IGR Iwate Ginga Railway
Access map from Ichinohe Station(Japanese, PDF:194KB)
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Goshono Site logo

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Office for the Promotion of World Heritage Site Registration, Ichinohe Town Municipal Board of Education (Goshono Jomon Museum)

Goshono 2, Iwadate, Ichinohemachi, Ninohe-gun, Iwate prefecture, 028-5316
0195-32-2652 / +81-19-532-2652
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